History, Background Checks with an Address History Trace

It is possible to do a large number of background checks on people that you may need to learn more about. They could be potential employees, individuals that may have a tainted history, one that you may not want involved with your business at all. On the other hand, that information that is provided may help you understand why this is the perfect person for the job. It’s even better when you can obtain a simple personal address history trace to see where they have been over the years. In some cases, it can be problematic if the person applying for a job has lived in areas of the world that would potentially compromise the business that you are in. Here is an overview of the history of background checks and why doing a quick address history trace might be so beneficial for your company.

The History Of Background Checks

The origins of doing background checks began with a need for risk management. Since employees and employers will be working together, it’s important that the employer understands as much as they can about the individuals that they will be paying. If they have a history of criminal behavior, or if they are responsible for unpaid punitive damages, this is an individual that may not be the best choice for the job. As time progressed, it became easier to do background checks. Many of the things that we do in life have a paper trail. This paper trail is digitized, and with the right software, you can easily follow the path that a person has taken over the course of years or decades which may paint a picture of the type of person that they are.

Why You Need This Type Of Information Quickly

This type of information can be essential if you are hiring people rapidly, perhaps for summer jobs that are coming up, and you need to get access to this info rapidly. By doing so, you can maintain the reputation of your company, enforce a safe working environment for all of your employees, and deter the potential of theft or fraud happening on your watch. If you do get the right person, this can also reduce the overall turnover rates that many companies in your industry may experience. If any individual has provided false information, it will be displayed quite prominently once the background check is done. It should also be noted that insurance underwriters will be interested in this information. They may not insure your business if it is populated with people that have a reputation for violence that can lead to liabilities. There are also different types of background checks that you may want to run on people that like to work for your company.

Different Types Of Background Checks

There are several different types of background checks that you can do. First of all, identity verification checks are very popular. You can do a quick Social Security number trace that will provide you with a lot of information. You can also check their criminal history by looking at federal, state, and county records. If they are a registered sex offender, that will also be noted, and you can also verify the type of education that they are claiming to have. Employment verification may also involve a preemployment drug test. If you need some or all of these done, they can be completed within days, and sometimes within hours.

Why An Address History Trace Is So Important

This type of background check is providing you with a linear diagram of where a person has been over the last several years or decades. Younger people will have a much more mediocre report by comparison to those that are older and may have moved to, and lived at, different locations. If there is an obvious pattern of moving, perhaps every six months, this would likely be someone you would want to avoid. However, if they are new to the area, but they were a resident of the previous location for many years or decades, it is likely that they are not running from anything that may be representative of a liability for your company.

Doing address history traces and historical background checks is so important if you are hiring new people into your business. You never know who a person is, or what they really represent, until you have this information. By taking a few minutes to evaluate potential employees under this premise, you will see why it is so helpful. After you have received all of the background checks and the verification of their address history, you can make a quick determination as to whether or not each individual will be the perfect fit for your company this year.